Dodge Charger / Challenger Driveshaft Coupler

AAD Performance

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Our brand new driveshaft couplers for modern mopar race applications, order a rear or front and rear.  We use a solid 6061-T6511 blank which we keep full diameter for strength, rib the outside for fun, and then press it all together with Ultra High Molecular Weight Ployethelyne bushings for impact strength and custom turned inserts.  A more solid solution to a sloppy problem, and added security against a factory rubber part letting go and windmilling through your rear seats!  Limited quantity to start with as we get more miles on our test cars, but will be fully supported with updates if they are neccessary.  


These are a race part.  They do increase interior noise (nvh) significantly under hard acceleration, as they are about as close to solid as you can get without being solid.


For '06-14 Charger Challenger 300 and Magnum with 3 bolt differentials.

Drive shaft coupler