Control Arm Camber Options Explained

Control Arm Camber Options Explained

All our Adjustable Control Arm kits are primarily designed to allow adjustment of Camber so that you can optimize contact patch and performance.

Most often, lowering a vehicle with upper/lower control arm suspension will cause the Camber to go towards negative - tilting the top if the tire in towards the center of the vehicle.  Driving your car with excessive camber leads to:

  • Decreased straight-line traction
  • Increased rate of tire wear
  • Potentially decreased lateral grip

So, the most common Variant that is selected on our parts is "Less Negative Camber"  meaning we will ship you Arms that will be set up to cause your wheel to be closer to vertical.  Depending on the car and the Arms in question, this could mean arms that are longer (upper arms) or shorter (lower arms) than stock.  The extra alignment tabs we include in the kit will also be geared towards reducing negative camber.

There are occasionally folks who want to get their Camber further from vertical even if it's already outside factory specs.  An example might be a car on air bag suspension that's trying to tuck the top of the tire inside a fender, or simply a "stanced" vehicle that is okay with running way more negative Camber than performance would dictate.  In these cases, choose the "More Negative Camber" option and we'll assemble the arms and include extra alignment tabs to increase that negative Camber and tilt the top of the tire further "in" away from vertical.

Finally, maybe you don't have a Camber issue at all and are buying the parts for another reason.  In this case, select our "OEM Length" option which means we'll ship your new arms assembled to be exactly the same length as the OEM arms, and we'll send you tabs to make adjustments either direction.

If you're unsure about which kit is right for you, just hit us up with an email at and we'll help you make certain you choose the right option.  And, all of our arms can be used for any of the above cases, so if you need different alignment tabs just let us know and we'll help you choose the right ones and get them headed to you ASAP!

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