AAD Performance Tech Article Series

AAD Performance Tech Article Series

I've always wanted to do this, and the time has come to make it happen!

Part of what sets AAD Performance apart from many other aftermarket parts companies is that we take an engineering approach to solving problems.  Those solutions often come in the form of parts, and those parts show up here (and other places) for sale!

Many customers buy parts because they have heard they need them, have read they need them, their friends have them, or people who are better than us at marketing have convinced them they need to buy them.  There are, however, some out there who are rightfully skeptical of the ability of a capitalist market to deliver things that people NEED to those who need them.

Well, for the skeptics among you, for those of you who ask "why," and for those of you who just like to know more about how and why your cars or parts work, these articles are for you.  We'll try to do them semi-regularly, but over time we'll build a body of knowledge about all things automotive-performance related.

Some of it will inevitably be more favorable to products we sell than others - if we feel the perfect product already exists, we typically will not produce a competing product.  But, we'll make every effort to stay objective both about how things work and why various solutions might work well or less well.  Our goal is to legitimately educate customers on what to look for and what to expect when you spend your hard-earned money on parts from us or from anyone else.

Without further ado, here's a list of anticipated topics.  As we complete each article, we'll link to it from here.  Feel free to email requests to sales@allanglesdesign.com or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram!

Past Work:

Future Articles:

  • Why Replacement Control Arms?
  • Alignment Considerations - High-Performance Street
  • Swaybars 1 - The Basics of Reducing Grip to go Faster
  • Swaybars 2 - What's the Actual Point?
  • No Bunny Likes Wheel Hop
  • The Reality of Ride Height
  • The Cheapest, Most Effective Mod on the Planet


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