HEMI Suspension Pre-Sale - Project LEADSLED

HEMI Suspension Pre-Sale - Project LEADSLED



Starting right now and running through the end of the month, we have two of our most popular (and most often out-of-stock) items available for "Pre-Order."  This means you are ordering parts that we do not currently have in stock, but that will be shipped to you as soon as we get them here (late July or so).

Use the coupon code LEADSLED when checking out to get free shipping (up to $40!), a free T-Shirt in your size, and a couple free AAD stickers when your order ships in late July.  This offer is limited to the first 10 of each product.  If you order Front and Rear Arms, you will get 2 T-Shirts!

Why Pre-Sale?

When we started, our company sold parts only to Retailers who then sold them to their customers.  This model had some disadvantages - multiple markups and AAD being disconnected from the customer being the two biggest - but it had some advantages as well.  Our normal payment terms were (and are) 50% payment on order placement, 50% when we ship parts.

Now that we have our own "direct-to-consumer" sales channel, one big challenge is coming up with that 50% deposit when we order parts from the machine shop!  It's a normal and fair way for them to do business - our deposit basically covers buying the raw material and not much more - but it means we're only able to place small-volume orders and we are perpetually out of stock.

It's been hugely surprising and exciting for us to see all the interest we're getting in our products now that we're selling direct, but at the same time we're disappointed to have had to send so many "sorry, we are currently out of those..." emails to customers ready to buy.

Couple that with the fact that we don't believe in "sales" - we try to charge a fair price all the time so no matter when you make your purchase, you don't feel like you could have / should have waited - and we had to come up with a better way.

So, for those of you out there who want the best parts, aren't in a crazy hurry to get them RIGHT NOW, and like free swag - this seemed like the best way to check all the boxes.  It's kind of like a forum "group-buy" only running things through the store AND not limiting it to a single forum.

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