Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum 300 Billet Rear Upper Control Arms

Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum 300 Billet Rear Upper Control Arms

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Hey everybody, jyst got everything back in stock, and will be shipping orders by the end of the week! (Nov.-10) Order now to ensure I get one wrapped up for you, as we just have 20 fronts and 20 rears this round...

These Billet Rear Upper Control Arms are here to help your Camber problems disappear and tighten up that squishy rear suspension.

We start with OEM-level fitment that comes from exclusive access to OEM CAD models of the rear cradle and suspension arms.  We add a dash of CNC Milling, some Brite-Dip anodize to make them look nice and protect from corrosion, and our unique in the world tab-lock alignment mechanism to provide the ultimate in consistency, adjustability, and reliability.

High-quality Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings at both ends help remove some of the slop that the OEM rubber bushings allow, and the fact that we pre-lube them during assembly AND send more lube with the kits means you can expect many years of reliable performance from them. 

So, whether you've lowered your L-series MOPAR or you're looking to add maximum camber for track-day grip, we have the solution to get your alignment the best it can be.

We have 3 variations of the kit listed, note that all 3 come with the same pieces.  The only difference is in which Offset Tabs we'll use when we assemble your arms, and which extra tabs we'll send with the kit.  Check out this Blog post for more information on choosing the option that is right for you!

These parts look familiar to you?  Read our explanation of where you've seen these before.


Here are our Installation Instructions for these parts!


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