Dodge Lx Lc La rear Mod shocks

Dodge Lx Lc La rear Mod shocks
Dodge Lx Lc La rear Mod shocks
Dodge Lx Lc La rear Mod shocks
Dodge Lx Lc La rear Mod shocks

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So, after talking with quite a few customers, and keeping with our goal of one part working for all applications, we got together with QA1 to offer the first drop-in integration of their Mod Shocks.

These things are really sweet, they have adjustable valving that you can switch out ON THE VEHICLE so you could actually go from Autocross one day to Drag racing without having to swap any parts, just changing your setup.  

We are still doing some testing to help us with support, but these shocks have been performing from day one.  Between doing duty on Sumit Goyal's car in the MSHS finals this year where he won heavyweight, to fighting for the fastest Hellcat in Arizona, these things just stick your car to the ground.

Currently it is looking like 250 lb springs are the right choice, that a guy can soften things up and make a good no prep/street hit with them, and also stiffen them up a bit and still kick some butt at the track.  I am however offering 200's and 300's as well to start out with here, and we will see what people like the most.  The springs are also available from QA1 in a wider variety of rates, as well as other spring companies as well.


These arn't some bent sheet metal brackets and barky heim joints, these are all billet custom bolt-in factory-style setups, with our Spheriflex in the bottom, and stainless FK's in the top like our front upper arms.

They're also almost 20 lbs lighter than the hellcat blisteins.

Anyway, more to come, this is basically a placeholder anyway so I don't forget to put them up... things are getting crazy around here!

As these are brand new, they also are currently in limited quantity, but we are making more as we speak, so they might not ship today, but they will ship soon!



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