FIAT 500 / Abarth Short Throw Shifter

FIAT 500 / Abarth Short Throw Shifter

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Simply put, there is not a better value Short-Throw Shifter on the market for your FIAT / Abarth.  Many hours of design went into this as a project originally for MOPAR.  In the end, they felt it would be too expensive once it passed all the way through their sales channels (they'd have never believed there is a $1000 shifter option now!!) so we ended up being able to offer the design direct to consumers. 

There are many features that make our shifter unique in the crowd:

  • Full TiG-welded, laser-cut steel shifter cage replacement (OEM is plastic) for reduced compliance
  • Unique-in-the-industry offset-axis pivot mechanism that shortens the front-to-rear throw 33% but only shortens the side-to-side throw 25% - this helps the throws be short without ever feeling "notchy"
  • Precision machined (+/-0.0005" tolerance in places) billet aluminum housing ensures slop-free, bind-free operation forever
  • Special dry-run self-lubricating bushings never wear out (in practical terms anyway), never need lubrication, and never change friction
  • Maximum throw-shortening without risking premature wear to the synchros or other transmission components 
  • 100% compatible with any shift knob that will work with the OEM shifter - we copy the dimensions of the OEM shift lever exactly
  • We do not "cheat" the shortness by moving the shift knob down, we keep it within 2mm of the original position so it looks exactly like stock and keeps your hands closer to the steering wheel when changing gears


Installation is easy - the hardest part is getting the interior trim off to remove the OEM shifter.  There is no extra stress put on your shift cables, transmission, etc. because we actually move the pivot axes more than the cable attachment points.

NOTE ABOUT PURCHASE OPTIONS: If your vehicle is equipped with a stock shifter that DOES HAVE a spring-loaded Reverse Lockout Collar on the shifter itself (Reverse being to the Right of 5th gear), then you want the 500 - Billet Reverse Lockout Collar option.  If your Reverse is "down" from 5th gear and you have the tall, Abarth-style shift knob, you want the Abarth - No Reverse Lockout option.  It is possible to mix and match, but if you want to do that please email us at first so we can explain the differences.

As always, each kit comes with all the hardware you need and packaged in a laser-cut foam-filled box so that your parts arrive in perfect condition every time.


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