Air Oil Separator - Generic (Specify Fittings)

Air Oil Separator - Generic (Specify Fittings)

AAD Performance

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The AAD Performance Air Oil Separator is flexible, maintainable, convenient, and more effective than any other AOS on the market. 

Our Air Oil Separator was designed, machined, and assembled in the USA. 

  •  Compact Size – 6” Tall and <2.5” Diameter

  • All Metal Filtration Media for Longevity and Easy Cleaning

  • Maximum Oil Removal Without Excessive Pressure Drop Across Filters

  • Extreme Flexibility in Mounting Options

  • Bespoke Fittings – Full Flow Capacity, No Plumbing Parts Allowed, Maximum Flexibility

  • Custom Adapters – Most AOS Systems Should Install with No Cutting of OEM Hoses

  • Priced Fairly – Drive Down Costs Where Possible Without Cutting Corners